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WHY PAY A LAWYER? is a full legal services document preparation service with offices in Tempe & Glendale, AZ, serving the Phoenix metro area. With an unparalleled understanding of the law, without the cost of attorney fees, our company offers the knowledge along with the document preparation skills to navigate through the complex legal system.

We offer legal forms along with the legal know-how to complete each of the following aspects of the law:

Family Relations


Child Custody, Support & Visitation
Qualified Domestic Relations Order
Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Asset Protection




Power of Attorney

Foreclosure Prevention


Business Organization


Trade Name Registration
Contracts & Agreements
Notes & Deeds of Trust

Civil Matters

Civil Suits
Name Changes
Quiet Title Suits

Personal Injury

Accident & Insurance Claims

Often-times these legal matters can be taken care of without the use of an attorney or law firm.   At WHY PAY A LAWYER? our professionals use their years of experience to complete these forms as a lawyer would, without charging you that cost.

WHY PAY A LAWYER? are full legal services document preparers helping people get through the maze of court proceedings. You can save hundreds of dollars in attorney fees by using our services. We do more than just the forms. We’ll hold your hand and get you through it. We have the training, knowledge and forms that allow you to succeed. From asset protection to wills, divorce to trusts, incorporation to guardianship, we provide everything you need. Don’t be intimidated by the legal system. Call us today for a free consultation. We’re here to help you.

We do more than just the forms we will hold your hand & get you through it.


Find Legal Help - Legal Services |

Find Legal Help – Legal Services |

2 thoughts on “Legal Services – Legal Help at WHY PAY A LAWYER?

  1. Amber Andrews

    I strongly recommend “Why Pay A Lawyer?” to anyone & everyone in need of legal advise. And I do. Every time somebody I care about needs legal advise I refer them to these guys. I’ve known Richard Barry since I was a kid & he’s one of the most intelligent & knowledgeable people I’ve ever known. If anyone would know how to help you with your particular legal situation, these guys would. They know their stuff!
    _Amber Andrews (single mother of two)


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