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Probate involves three ideas. First, someone has to be deceased. Second, someone has to be appointed to speak for the deceased person. Once the personal representative is appointed, that person can take control of the property. Finally, once that appointee is determined, did the deceased leave a will? The plan of the deceased person is in the will.

WHY PAY A LAWYER?? probate services include …

  • Right documents in the correct format
  • Notarization
  • Photocopies
  • Deferral/waiver application
  • Court cover sheets
  • Court delivery (we stand in line for you) (state fees separate)
  • Public records research & copies

… & more.


Informal $1495

State fees separate. Ask about fee deferral/waiver, included for qualified, if applicable. Prices subject to change. Terms & conditions may apply. Ask for details.

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WHY PAY A LAWYER?? for Probate
WHY PAY A LAWYER? for Probate

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) about Probate

What is Informal Probate

If the deceased person died without a will, the State of Arizona (as all 50 states have done) has a intestate succession statute which says, ok, if the deceased died without a will the following is the list of people who, in order, may apply to be personal representative. This process is a short process which can be accomplished within a couple of days providing the first person in the legislative list steps forth, commonly, a spouse, the oldest child, etc.

If the deceased person left a will, even a copy of a will if the original can’t be found, the person nominated & appointed in that will can step forward, & say I wish to be appointed personal representative of the deceased. If that person is unavailable, another person can do it.

The court will appoint that person without a hearing & literally within a day if that person is the same one nominated in the will & the original will is submitted with the documentation to the court.

What is Formal Probate

Some cases cannot be concluded with appointment in a day or so. These are called Formal Probate in Arizona. The cost is the same; the difference is that there has to be a hearing. These are usually when the original will is known to exist but cannot be found or the original will is defective (for example, no witnesses).

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